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Invisalign | Braces | Price | Quote | Cost | Estimate | Deals


Invisalign | Braces | Price | Quote | Cost | Estimate | Deals

invisalign deals denver
Question: How do they work?
Do they really work effectively?
Do they really make your teeth perfectly straight?
When they put spacers in your teeth so you will get use to where they put that wire in to hold on the braces doesnt that make those teeth gappy?

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Answer: Braces do work.
If you go to all of your appointments, and make sure you wear your retainers after they are removed, than they it will be effective, and keep your teeth nice and straight.
They can make your teeth a little gappy, but it's all worth it.
AND... how they work... basically they put them on, and the braces and wires shift your teeth each visit, and tighten. I think spacers go in the back, but it's been quite a while since those days. Every time you go to the orthodontist, they make the wires a shorter length. It hurts a little bit, but it pulls the teeth closer together, and straighter.
I would say if you're worried about it, and you have the opportunity to get them, to go for it. They are quite expensive, but worth it in the end.

invisalign deals denver

I can not stress the retainers thing though, honestly. It seem stupid, but they are the key that your teeth remain straight after your braces have been removed. My best friend stopped using her retainers, and her teeth shifted back to where they were.
I had braces for 2 years, and they sucked, but they were worth it!
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Invisalign | Braces | Price | Quote | Cost | Estimate | Deals

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